4 Point Insurance Inspections


What exactly is a 4 Point Insurance Inspection and do I need one?

Most insurance companies today require a 4 point inspection to be performed on a home in order for you, the home buyer to receive Home Owners Insurance. These 4 point insurance inspections are to be performed by certified, licensed and insured home inspectors and can not be performed by the home owner themselves.

What does the 4 Point Insurance Inspection Cover?

All 4 Point Inspections include a limited scope evaluation of the following four most specific systems and components:

  • Roof – Insurance companies want to know the condition of the roof as well as the approximate year the roof might need to be replaced
  • Plumbing – Insurance Companies are looking for what kind of piping (copper, plastic etc.)is being used, dates if the system has been upgraded, any leaks or flaws and information about the hot water heater
  • Electrical System – They want to know size of the main service, any dangerous wiring, dates of any upgrades and then SOME not all Insurance Companies want to know the maker of the electric panel and if there is any aluminum wiring
  • Heating and Air Conditioning – Looking for the date of installation, approximate life of the unit and if the system if functioning correctly

I’ve had a home inspection performed… can’t I just use that report?

Insurance Companies will not accept home inspection reports because they are looking for specific information. Your home inspection report is very detailed and they only want the 4 point inspection. We suggest that you contact your insurance company before you have a home inspection performed to verify if you will need a 4 point inspection or not. This way if you do, while we are there we will gather the necessary information for your 4 point inspection.

Need a 4 Point Insurance Inspection for your Home Owner’s Insurance Company?

Simply request a 4 Point Inspection and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Are there questions you have about the 4 Point Inspection? If so, leave us a comment and we will be more than happy to explain it in more detail.


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    1. Jeanne Saunders  April 25, 2014

      Just had an offer accepted on buying a home in South Daytona, Volusia County. Home was built 1975, concrete block, shingle roof, Living Area: 1,441 Total Area: 2,158 – 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, tool shed and yard, tile flooring, ceiling fans throughout, Florida room. This is a Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Mortgage Financing. Roof is our main concern, but we want to be sure about the house in general. This is early in the process, but wanted to contact you re your time to inspect and approximate cost. Also, would the 4-point be comprehensive enough? Thanks!

      • Audrey  April 25, 2014

        Hey Jeanne,

        Thanks so much for contacting us! A 4-point inspection is typically used for Insurance purposes and does not cover all the areas of the home. A home inspection on the other hand will be comprehensive and thorough so that when we are finished with the inspection you will know everything about the house. We check every window, every outlet, physically inspect the attic and any crawl space. With the house being built in 1975 you would definitely want to get the entire home inspected so there is no surprises when you move in.
        We can usually get to a home inspection within 24-48 hours after you call us. Give us a call at (407) 476-0257 when you are ready to book the inspection and we’ll get you all taken care of. Thanks again,
        John & Bill


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